Big Kids 1/2 day camp
Great Lakes Music Together
Sasha Judelson
Guelph Downtown - Guelph Youth Music Centre
Mon - Fri, 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
20/07/20 (1 week)

A creative musical adventure for kids 4+
This camp is all about creative music making. Each day we'll explore a different genre of music through instruments, conducting, singing, moving and more. We'll make an instrument during craft time, go outside, make up a story song and enjoy a snack. We'll take a look at the language of music both how we express ourselves through music and by starting to read music. We'll finish up each day with a jam session.

Cost per week: First child $145, siblings $120
No musical experience required. Please provide your child with a snack.

Upcoming Meetings
20/07/20    1:30 PM Monday 20/07/20 1:30 PM
21/07/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 21/07/20 1:30 PM
22/07/20    1:30 PM Wednesday 22/07/20 1:30 PM
23/07/20    1:30 PM Thursday 23/07/20 1:30 PM
24/07/20    1:30 PM Friday 24/07/20 1:30 PM