Outdoors Babies

Katie Mervyn
Guelph Outdoors (location map)
Wednesday, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
16/09/20 - 18/11/20 (10 weeks)


Ideal for babies, newborns through to 9 months old, essentially before they start to crawl! (Babies are always welcome in the mixed-age class or if they are 8 months or younger they can take the special “Babies Class”.)

Newborns are alert to new sounds, different sounds, and movement. You may already have seen your newborn responding to music by wiggling their toes or opening their eyes wide. In the babies class we are supporting your babies' natural musicality and building their neural pathways, supporting your time with them as well as their own musical, social and emotional growth.Every child’s development benefits from early exposure to music and movement and this class is a one-semester introduction to Music Together®. The activities and songbook are specifically designed for babies and aim to give the parents as much information and support as possible so that they can learn about their baby’s musical development. It’s a great opportunity to meet with other parents of newborns whilst learning many activities you can enjoy at home with your baby. Learn more about the babies class on the Music Together blog here.


Upcoming Meetings
30/09/20    12:00 PM Wednesday 30/09/20 12:00 PM
07/10/20    12:00 PM Wednesday 07/10/20 12:00 PM
14/10/20    12:00 PM Wednesday 14/10/20 12:00 PM
21/10/20    12:00 PM Wednesday 21/10/20 12:00 PM
28/10/20    12:00 PM Wednesday 28/10/20 12:00 PM
04/11/20    12:00 PM Wednesday 04/11/20 12:00 PM
11/11/20    12:00 PM Wednesday 11/11/20 12:00 PM
18/11/20    12:00 PM Wednesday 18/11/20 12:00 PM