Annual Subscription



How It Works

Join our Annual Subscription Plan and take advantage of all the musical fun in one convenient package! Curious? Here's how it works:

  • 10-Month Subscription for our Winter, Spring and Fall Terms 
  • January to December (with July and August off). See our Summer Programs page for summer classes. 
  • Monthly payments of $42.50 (1 child) or $85.50 (2 children over 8 months in same class. Babies less that 8 months need to be registered, but are not charged).
  • $100 deposit at time of registration
  • One-time $15 registration fee for new families (added to first monthly payment)

Please contact us for monthly payment details if you have children in both Mixed Ages and Rhythm Kids classes or more than 2 children in a class.


Why Subscribe?

  • Consistent monthly tuition payment
  • Automatic enrollment in the next session (same class)
  • Unlimited make-up sessions
  • 3 FREE classes in the Summer Mixed Ages Session OR 1 FREE day in the Big Kids Summer Camp (Rhythm Kids subscribers)
  • Bring-a-Friend to two classes per session
  • Musical welcome gift


The (Not So) Fine Print

  • Subscribers must email us to change the class day/time for the next session.
  • Subscriptions will be renewed automatically at the end of the 10-month period.
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled one month prior to the end of the 10-month subscription period. If a subscription is cancelled earlier, the payment balance is due at time of cancellation. A $25 administration fee applies to early cancellations.
  • Great Lakes Music Together will not maintain any Subscriber's payment details. Subscribers will receive a prompt to process their monthly payment due on the first of each month.