You may find your self surprised at how much we move in our Music Together® classes! I remember as a Music Together mom carrying one (and sometimes two) children; and although being glad to be dancing as well as glad of the exercise, finding myself curious as to why we moved so much. You already know from the Learning and Exploring blog and from your teacher that kids and adults naturally want to move to music and particularly for kinesthetic learners.

     Movement supports gross and small motor skills through:




     playing instruments,  to name but a few. 

While we move we are also supporting spatial awareness and bi-lateral co-ordination. Bilateral co-ordination is the ability to move both sides of the body in either a co-ordinated fashion or differently. It's a learned and fairly complex skill so we want to give growing kids plenty of opportunities to explore the possibilities by varying our moves, alternating legs, only moving one arm and then adding in the other, shaking eggs, and varying speeds. (You can try all of these at home too!!)

Spatial awareness is a developed skill, it's learned both while we aren't moving, when we become aware of what and who are around us and when we are moving, when we need to develop that awareness so that we don't bump into each other. (Breathe easy now if your child is one of those who bumps into others, it's all part of naturally developing skills!!) By dancing and moving with others in class and at home kids and babies become aware of their own movements and the movements of others and how the space around them is changing. That in turn helps them work out how to run in the playground, sit in a circle, give you a hug or stand in line etc.

These are complex skills, developed over time and gradually. While we are supporting the skills in class you can too, simply by putting on a piece of music with a fast beat. Let us know what songs you choose for your at home dance party!!