What Families Are Saying

Don't take our word for it! Read what some of our families in Kitchener, Guelph and Waterloo Region have to say about our one-of-a-kind music classes for newborns, babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged children! 

Wow! What an awesome class. Thank you. I love that we can download the music, find colouring pages on the Family Activity Zone, bring both kids and understand how the activities are helping to support my kids' development and that there are a variety of sensory explorations. I wouldn't change a single thing about the class, it's been a great experience and priceless to be able to connect with my kids without distractions!


"We've been coming to Music Together® class for nearly two full sessions now, and it's been such a joyful addition to our lives. It's been really neat to see my toddlers's musical development - they now sing about all kinds of things, making up songs together or on their own. But more than that, music classes has changed how we interact at home. Music is just a part of our day, every day. We sing about getting ready to go out, we sing about potty time, we sing about lunch time, we sing about playing. In the midst of sometimes tiring days, the music that we have in our lives now brings us together, and brings us joy."


Our Music Together class is a highlight of our week and we sing all week long!


A nice variety of music was great with different ways to sing and move. The class is definitely one of the highlights of our week. It's nice to have an activity that I'm involved with too and that we can share together with other members of the family as well. I love having the materials for home use too and hearing my child sing to themselves while playing, in the bath and in even singing himself to sleep. In fact, playing music class at home is one of our favourites activities. Having the music in the car has saved a number of road trips too, I think it cheers us all up!!


I just had to to write and tell you how much our little boy has surprised us in the last 3-4 weeks. He is singing ALL the time - and for the first time he is singing WITH us. Loudly. It's so much fun to watch and listen to him - and I'm so excited to see what he will do at music together this fall!


We've tried other music programs and this one is the best!


Just wanted to give some feedback on our first session with you. We loved it! I have seen so many changes since starting the session. He is normally very shy and reserved and I see him opening up in class more quickly than normal and outside of class he is becoming more social as well. When he hears any music at he or in the car he just lights up and wants to play/move along. 


We have seen a real increase in our child's creativity at home and school since starting music.


The Hello Everybody app is fantastic, it means we can listen to the music absolutely anywhere.


The music itself is really great - this is what sets Music Together apart from other music programs. I also love that everyone is expected to partcipate in class.