In every class there's some magic that happens! Having the opportunity to make music with kids and the people who love them likely is the best job in the world, having the opportunity to witness your little people growing with, developing because of, and exploring the music is pretty special for you too. Kudos to you for nurturing your child (or children) at exactly the age when the window of opportunity is open.

Our classes are informal though there's actually nothing casual about them! Every note and step is carefully planned and that's what ends up ensuring that we're tapping into your child's natural music aptitude, something which you continue to support all week long. Does this picture look familiar to you?

  • children bouncing on laps
  • adults singing and laughing
  • a non-conversational environment

It looks like we're just having a great deal of fun right? And it is! With all of that, in this one activity, your child is learning:

  • who's the leader in this particular setting
  • to anticipate actions and activities
  • social cues
  • to feel the beat
  • ways of expressing themselves
  • we all make mistakes and then try again
  • a new way of playing with this particular song
  • ways of moving

And, they are bonding with the adult they know and love, all at the same time!! Who knew that so much could come out of a lap song? Next time you have the chance take a minute to play with the music this way at home too - that lack of pressure which we cultivate so carefully in class is what provides your child a moment to process what's happening and take from it what they are ready too and before you know it next time they are playing with a teddy bear or other stuffy they'll be bouncing the bear on their lap and making up new words to the song!!