Is it finally here? The all elusive warmer weather that is! Apparently we aren't doing spring this year but rather are going straight to sprummer!! It's tempting to abandon all inside activity having waited so long, so rest assured you don't need (or want) to think of music as an indoor activity. It's really important for children in the middle of developing their basic musical competence to continue having fun making music and all the development that entails.. Although from a practical point of view we can't hold the class outside singing makes all of us happier, it releases endorphins into our bloodstream. For those children in infancy through to 7 years old the more they sing, dance, move and explore music the stronger their foundational base of music becomes. For a child older than 7 years old who has their basic music competence (defined as the ability to sing in tune and move with rhythm) they need to continue using their voice and moving to music to continue to solidify that foundation.

There are lots of ways to use music outside, even if you don't fancy singing to the entire neighbourhood:

  • singing through a weekend hike
  • by the lake, in a conservation area, local trail or city park keep adding your activities to "She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain"
  • look for bumble bees, butterflies and ladybugs and sing to them as you watch them fly
  • look for your nearest railroad tracks and sing "I've Been Working on the Railroad" as you walk beside them
  • find various mouth noise for water dripping and pouring as you nourish the plants in your own backyard
  • use "Skip to my Lou" as the starting point and have your child find different ways to move around the local park
  • spy lots of animals in the trees (real or imaginary) and sing about them or to them. Once the weather is even warmer, so much so that you need time inside out of the heat, you can continue this activity inside by drawing the animals in the tree.

The possibilities are endless! You hear this in class but it's true, the more you sing, explore and develop the songs the more your child's spiral of learning will be open to the development opportunities in class. That means that they can use the class as a springboard for their ideas and will enjoy continuing their music-making outside as well as in and then they are fully using the window of opportunity to develop basic music competence.