You know that piece that played at your high school graduation, a birthday party or friend's wedding? Where every time you hear it you are right back at that event? It's no coincidence that this happens. Our brains connect music to whichever event you heard it at that is of most significance to you and new research is showing us that shared music making (singing and movement) can have profound effects on those feelings of connections. The data collected suggests that when music-making with others we each share a similar experience in neural connections, which leads to a shared sense of togetherness and sense of purpose. If you take this connection to a group making Music Together®, in class, at school or at a family gathering that connection to one another helps to foster empathy and social cohesion. A feeling of doing it together which supports the understanding of co-operation and empathy.


Back to connecting music with an event, the unpressurised environment in class helps your baby or child to relax and enjoy themselves - there's a reason for our fostering this atmosphere in class! When any of us are enjoying ourselves we are making positive connections and building positive emotions towards the activity or song. All of this means it's no coincidence that you are able to use the music outside of class not only to continue the fun, development and exploration but also, when you need to to calm your baby or child down - when they hear the music from class they associate it with class and the enjoyment they experience there. And, that's why so many Music Together families across the globe won't go on a road trip of any distance without their Music Together collection recordings: you never know when you'll need to transport your baby or child back to their happy place!!