Choosing a meaningful gift for the holiday season can be a time-consuming undertaking for parents. But don’t fret! Our Director, Sasha Judelson, has done some of the leg work already and compiled her Top 10 (Musical) Holiday Gifts for Kids to inspire you.

  1. The Gift of Music-Making Sasha’s number one pick is - drum roll please - giving the gift of music-making! While this might feel a bit biased to some (Sasha is both the Director and one of the teachers at Great Lakes Music Together), let us explain: Early music education is more than plain fun and fostering a child’s musicality; studies show early music education to have a profound impact on a child’s development as a whole: from cognitive, emotional, physical, social, to, of course, their musical development. In short, it’s an investment into your child’s growth and well-being, it’s fun and a chance to bond even more with your child. Buy here.
  2. Gathering Drum In our music classes at Great Lakes Music Together these are everybody’s favourite - hands down! It’s a rewarding drum (and quieter!) to play because of the drum head material. While we use the bigger drums by Remo in our classes, here is a link to the smaller version which can still be used by two siblings at a time. Buy here.
  3. “Hallelujah Handel” Classical Kids CD Hallelujah Handel” is one of a series of CDs introducing little learners to classical music and its most renowned composers. Interweaving tales of the composer’s life with their music, they are fun and engaging for little learners and grown-ups alike! (Also, check out “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”, “Mozart’s Magic” and more!) Buy here.
  4. Djembe Drum (Kids 5+) This is more of an individual drum, depending on the size. It’s important that your child’s hand fits within the entire drum head. We use these in our Rhythm Kids classes and we find that it’s best when the djembe drum is light enough for kids to be able to walk around with them. Check your local music store for kid-sized Djembe Drums. Many carry Djembe Drums in lots of funky colours and patterns!
  5. Shakers of All Kinds! Eggs, maracas, animal shakers, you name it! It’s so much fun to walk around the house shaking an instrument, a perfect way to learn cause & effect and entertain a younger sibling too. Buy here.
  6. “Maestro Mouse: And the Mystery of the Missing Baton” Book A sweet tale of a conductor who goes to lead his orchestra and then discovers his baton is missing. It’s a fantastic way to help introduce the orchestra to little learners. Buy here.
  7. Concert Tickets Look especially for concerts designed for kids. Watching live music-making is an unforgettable experience that will have a lasting impact on your little ones.
  8. Guitar T-Shirt This guitar t-shirt is adorable and reminds little learners of making music or, if you haven’t joined a music class yet, sparks their interest in music making! Buy here
  9. “Hello Everybody” Book It’s the favourite song at Great Lakes Music Together! The book goes through a small town saying “Hello" to family, your friends, your neighbourhood - even a dinosaur! Buy here
  10. Ukulele (Kids 8+) Be sure to choose one that makes a real sound and strums easily. Buy here

Now over to you! What musical gifts have been much loved in your family? Comment below and let us know.
Happy Musical Holidays!